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"Fresh Baked and Delicious Daily with Honesty and Integrity as our main ingredients."

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A quality product delivered on time by people who care.
This is Protano's Bakery.

Please call us for personal assistance in selecting the right Protano's Bakery product to meet your requirements. Select from the links above to view detailed bread and pastry listings.

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Protano's uses only the finest ingredients in preparing a wide selection of breads.
Preservatives and stabilizers are never used in our bread products. We offer French Baguettes, Torta Rings, single and double round Italian bread with flour or sesame seeds. Try our delicious Sourdough Round loaf or crusty Ciabatta. Select our one and two pound Campagniolo, firm and crusty, hearth baked. Our products are available in white, whole wheat, and Semolina flour recipes.  We await your call to prepare your products to order.

Protano's rolls are baked fresh daily by skilled Master Bakers.
Kaiser Rolls are four and five inches. Available varieties are plain, poppy seed, sesame seed, onion, and  honeywheat. Our  Hoagie Rolls are sized from five to twelve inches. (Pan, hearth and baguette style available.) Plus, with only a two day advance notice your special occasion hoagie roll can be from three to eight feet.

Protano's uses only the most modern equipment to assure consistency in texture and flavor.
Select our Deli Rye with or without caraway seed, or our marble and pumpernickel loaves. Perhaps you require our White or honeywheat Vienna loaves in two, three, or even four pound sizes. Our Challah, oatbran, sunflower, rye, pumpernickel, marble and honeywheat loaves are all available pullman style, to meet your needs

Protano's takes pride in delivering cakes, pies and danish that are the finest available in South Florida.
We offer Mini, medium and large muffins.  Choose a danish that is round, cigar, or pocket style. Select it Filled with fruit or cheese and choose from the available various sizes. Fat free versions of some products are also available. Perhaps a Full assortment of 10" fruit and creme pies will provide the dessert choices you need. Maybe a wide variety of 10" layer cakes, both single layer and double layer decorated sheet cakes would suit you.

Wedding Cakes prepared to order for that memorable day.
Protano's Bakery prepares wedding cakes for every style of wedding. Our bakers take pride in the workmanship they put into the wedding cakes we prepare to your specifications.



2301 N. 22 Avenue · Hollywood, FL 33020
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